Strangers In The Night


This Sivu cover of Frank Sinatra’s classic ‘Strangers In The Night' is so good, it deserves to be shared and embraced by all. The guitar laden track is taken from his recently released Miracle (Human Error) EP and beautifully echoes Sivu’s magnificent voice. 

Just So You Know.

I just want to let the world know that today my friend, who identifies as a transgendered person, was not allowed by Target employees to try on a girdle in-store because she still looks like a man.

Trying on a piece of clothing would not have harmed anyone. What happened to my friend was intolerant, discriminatory and flat-out wrong. Would someone of note who identifies themselves as a transsexual, such as Laverne Cox, been denied use of a Target dressing room? Surely not.

I would like for as many people as possible to be aware that this happened, and to know that Target was responsible for this shameful, intolerant occurrence.